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IDS Solution., CORP was founded 2013. IDS is the outcome of years of individual operation in the field of Electronics and Information Technology. The current personnel at IDS used to be the main workforce of well-known IT companies, in implementing projects and contracts nationalwide.
IDS is organized following a scientific structure, based on years of operating experience in the IT field, to promote the collective strength of individual creative initiative and to achieve the highest working efficiency. IDS's personnel are masters and engineers who have taken on important positions in scientific caeer units, experienced and work passionate.





To become an IT organization specialized in security solution, protecting customers from risks and dangers arising from the IT environment.



Sustainable development with businesses throughout the IT evolving path, to help protecting valuable technological assets by raising user’s awareness and using the most advanced security technology, to ensure the IT environment operate smoothly, assiting clients focusing on developing their core values.

Why choose IDS?

The three most important factors for IT system to work effectively and efficiently: People, Technology, Processes



Our experts have years of experience in designing, implementing, managing big projects with highly sophisticated requirements from international clients. With experiences from deploying projects, we are confident in our ability and knowledge to consult and im​plement to build an effective and efficient IT system, which suits the current needs of customers and allows for further expanding demands in the future.


We offer to clients technology chosen from top IT brand worldwide for implementation into the system to best match with every aspects from performance, security, reliability to the ability of design, expand ... at the most reasonable cost.



Our service process follow requirements from the ITIL standard in IT management, we are set to help organizations to set up and operate a perfect infrastructure system, bringing true values for organizations through IT. Using many template in system process, design, consulting, evaluation,… with the aim to simplify stages of projects, missions and to minimize the errors caused by human.

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